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My Practice

In my therapy practice I draw from many approaches including trauma-informed solution-focused, existential, relational-psychodynamic, CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), narrative and systems theories.

I will often utilize assessments to help determine areas of immediate focus in therapy. However, at the core of what I do is a Person-Centered philosophy anchored in the therapeutic relationship: I don’t need to make assumptions about what my client(s) needs because my client knows themselves best.

My goal is for you to feel understood and be at ease with yourself. My unconditional respect for you and your story, no matter how you define it or where it leads, is the greatest intervention. Together we can find the rays of a new beginning.

Individual Therapy

For individual therapy, my approach and methods are highly dependent on you, the patient, and may include:

  • Daring Way ™ and Rising Strong™ intensives
  • Adult Play Therapy 
  • CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy)

Child Therapy

I see children; ages ranging from 3-18 years of age. I incorporate play therapy, expressive arts, and talk therapy. I believe in trusting my client, no matter their age, and transparent communication in an age-appropriate manner.

I place a heavy emphasis on collaboration with the child’s support network, including the parents, school and other health providers.

Couples Therapy

“Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.”
— Andre Breton

I am certified in the Prepare and Enrich pre-marital counseling program and am trained in the Gottman approach to Couples therapy. Every relationship is a world onto itself. Each member of a couple brings their own history, strengths, personalities and expectations into the relationship. Together they create a unique family that embodies their hurts and hopes; fears and dreams.

In couples’ therapy we answer hard questions to ourselves and to our partner: “How do we make this the best partnership for us?” “Have we created this relationship for ourselves or in others’ image?” “Do we want to continue this romantic partnership or is time for a change?” 

Family Therapy

The family is the foundation of our lives. We learn our worth, how to love, express ourselves, approach challenges and what to value. Sometimes a crisis upends our deeply held beliefs about who we are as a family. Other times, a family has been struggling for peace and stability since its inception.

Healing can be done individually but it can be even more powerful when it is done as a family. In family therapy the goal is to expand our understanding of each other beyond the roles and expectations we have settled into, develop compassion for the others’ experience and break down barriers to collective authenticity through the development of communication skills.

Psychological Evaluations

I conduct psychological evaluations for adults and children in Spanish and English. Measures include comprehensive behavior rating scales, ADHD assessments, personality assessments (such as the MMPI-2 RF) and projectives, as well as mood, PTSD, and relational questionnaires.

All psychological evaluations include a 2-4 hour clinical interview, administration of appropriate tests, a written report for you to keep and a feedback session (optional). Please plan for 2-3 visits when initiating a psychological evaluation. Allow 2 weeks between the administration of the tests and report results.

The cost of psychological evaluations starts at $800 and may increase depending on the complexity of the evaluation. I accept cash, check, credit card and paypal through my website portal. Total payment is due at the beginning of the assessment process. Please contact me to discuss your specific evaluation needs in detail.

For Attorneys

I am a member of the Immigration Evaluation Network of Clinicians and receive monthly trainings/consultations in Immigration Evaluation with Dr. Marc Sadoff. I conduct Psychological Evaluations requested by courts for Asylum and VAWA cases.

At this time, I do NOT conduct custody evaluations. I believe in collaborative relationships with providers of legal services, in order to better support my clients. Please feel free to contact me or ask your client to contact me for a free consultation.